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Renewable sources are expected to help meet 40% of India’s power needs by 2030. We help companies, investors, international lenders and governments to identify new opportunities, assess market risks and prepare plans for long-term growth in this sector.

Electric mobility

To overcome air pollution, manage infrastructure challenges, and reduce dependency on fossil fuels, Government of India is looking to promote electric mobility in a big way. We work with auto-companies, government organizations and think tanks to assess possible risks, identify solutions and prepare roadmap for transition to electric mobility.



We provide research insights across- Current market trends, Market enablers, Opportunity assessment studies, Price Index, Policy & Regulatory advocacy and Project Databases


We provide Strategic consultancy, Market segmentation analysis, Customer analysis, Competition analysis, Marketing case studies and Investment advisory

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Electric Buses: India Market Analysis

Date of release- Sep 2020

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Annual Solar Report Card: FY2020

Date of release- Jul 2020

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Q2 2020 RE Update (Apr 2020-Jun 2020)

Date of release- Aug 2020

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solar rooftop

Untapped Opportunities in India’s Rooftop Market

Date of release- July 2020

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open access solar

Decoding solar tariffs Vs. returns

Date of release- May 2020

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Electric 2-Wheeler: India Market Outlook

Date of release- May 2020

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solar storage

Solar+Battery Storage Viability

Date of release- Jan 2020

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monthly renewable

Monthly India RE update (solar, wind)

Date of Release- Monthly

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Busting the Myth: Electric Vehicle Technology

Busting the Myth: Electric Vehicle Technology “Busting the Myth” series is a part of The Climate Group efforts in busting the EV technology myths in the EV ecosystem in India. Read JMK Research & Analytics piece on EV technology. In about a decade, the EV industry has undergone dynamic evolution particularly with the technology that drives these new energy machines. EVs have evolved from unreliable charging and low-power vehicles in the intial days to convenient charging, high-performance transport solutions in the present.…

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REC trade in FY2021 likely to fall by INR 6-7 billion

REC trade in FY2021 likely to fall by INR 6-7 billion In June 2020, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) published an order revising the prices of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). CERC removed floor price and proposes new Forbearance price of INR 1000 for solar and non-solar RECs. The new prices will be applicable to all RECs issued after April 01, 2017. Considering the historical price trend of RECs, this is the fourth revision in floor and forbearance prices by…

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54.5k high speed electric vehicles sold in H1-2020 in India

54.5k high speed electric vehicles sold in H1-2020 in India High-speed (HS) electric vehicles (Top speed – >25 kmph) have a longer gap to bridge with the minds of the Indian consumers than their Low-speed counterparts. The former constitute a minute share of total EV stock of India. As the country grapples with the socio-economic conundrum of an ailing economy and the ongoing cCOVID-19 crisis, the EV market, just like any other, is also facing the brunt of this enormous…

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Webinar Insights: Impact of Basic Custom Duties (BCDs) on Indian Solar Sector

Webinar Insights: Impact of Basic Custom Duties (BCDs) on Indian Solar Sector As India is bracing to achieve its target of 100 GW of solar energy by 2022, there are issues related to increasing import bills due to solar photovoltaics. India’s module and cell manufacturing remains below par when compared to its Chinese counterparts. In wake of promoting the domestic manufacturing, the government-imposed safeguard duty in July 2018 which is due to expire this month. The government now plans to…

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About Us

JMK Research & Analytics is a boutique consultancy firm providing research and advisory services to Indian and International clients across three key focus areas – Renewables, Electric mobility and Battery storage market.

Based on our in-depth sector experience, strong industry network, we  provide key insights and detailed industry information which helps our clients develop successful business models and market strategies.

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