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Renewable sources are expected to help meet 40% of India’s power needs by 2030. We help companies, investors, international lenders and governments to identify new opportunities, assess market risks and prepare plans for long-term growth in this sector.

Electric mobility

To overcome air pollution, manage infrastructure challenges, and reduce dependency on fossil fuels, Government of India is looking to promote electric mobility in a big way. We work with auto-companies, government organizations and think tanks to assess possible risks, identify solutions and prepare roadmap for transition to electric mobility.


Market Research and Advisory

We provide Strategic consultancy, Market segmentation analysis, Customer analysis, Pricing strategy, Marketing case studies, Competition Benchmarking, Policy & Regulatory advocacy, Opportunity assessment studies, and Investment advisory to Indian and International clients.


We provide annual market intelligence subscription services as part of which access is given to an online portal of 2400+ solar projects, 10,000+ wind projects, 300+ tenders, 300+ Renewable sector policies, and regulations across India market

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Our Reports

Annual Solar Report Card: 2020

Date of release- Mar 2021

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Case for proving hybrid RE+battery storage viability for Tamil Nadu

Date of release- Jan 2021

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India Wind Solar Hybrid Market

Date of release- Oct 2020

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solar rooftop

Untapped Opportunities in India’s Rooftop Market

Date of release- July 2020

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open access solar

Viability Assessment of New Module Manufacturing Units

Date of release- Jan 2021

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Corporate Renewable PPAs in India– Market and Policy update

Date of release- Jan 2021

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Electric 2-Wheeler: India Market Outlook

Date of release- May 2020

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monthly renewable

Monthly India RE update (solar, wind)

Date of Release- Monthly

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Registered EV sales in India in 2020 dropped by 26% on yoy basis

Registered EV sales in India in 2020 dropped by 26% on yoy basis The past year brought in a major shift in the course and dynamics of global markets. The e-mobility or the electric vehicle (EV) domain, just as any other industry, was vastly influenced by the effects of the global pandemic. Different YOY trends depicting the wavering track of EV sales is briefed hereafter. The overall registered EV sales Pan-India in 2020 dropped by 26% from 2019 sales. The…

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SECI 1200 MW Wind-Solar Hybrid (Tranche-III) auction creates new record of Lowest tariff at Rs. 2.41/kWh

SECI 1200 MW Wind-Solar Hybrid (Tranche-III) auction creates new record of Lowest tariff at Rs. 2.41/kWh Following the issuance of the incumbent national framework – the Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy in 2018, India saw a succession of WSH (Wind-Solar Hybrid) tenders. Although there have been a few successful WSH tenders, many have received tepid responses which have led to either undersubscription or cancellation of these tenders. In a recent development, however, SECI 1200 MW ISTS, WSH (Tranche-3) auction saw oversubscription of…

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Webinar Insights: “What led to historic low tariffs of Rs.1.99-2/unit in solar in India?”

Webinar Insights: “What led to historic low tariffs of Rs.1.99-2/unit in solar in India?” India is advancing steadily towards cleaner and more economical form of energy procurement. In the recent years, this transition was driven primarily by the offtake of solar power. The installed solar capacity of India increased at a CAGR of 54% between FY2014 & FY2020 to reach 34.6 GW[1]. The declining price trend of solar power, brought on by solar technology evolution, PV manufacturing growth, enhanced financing…

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Webinar Insights: E-Mobility Evolution in India

Webinar Insights: E-Mobility Evolution in India Electric mobility in India is fast-evolving in terms of technology enhancement and value chain formation. It is transcending beyond its distinguished identity as the “cleaner mode of transportation” and is closing the gap on the conventional ICE-vehicles by achieving significant improvements in reliability & cost economics in the past couple of years. To ensure the development of a sustainable EV industry, it is highly imperative to have a robust collaboration between all relevant stakeholders…

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About Us

JMK Research & Analytics is a boutique consultancy firm providing research and advisory services to Indian and International clients across three key focus areas – Renewables, Electric mobility and Battery storage market.

Based on our in-depth sector experience, strong industry network, we  provide key insights and detailed industry information which helps our clients develop successful business models and market strategies.

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