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Renewable sources are expected to help meet 40% of India’s power needs by 2030. We help companies, investors, international lenders and governments to identify new opportunities, assess market risks and prepare plans for long-term growth in this sector.

Electric mobility

To overcome air pollution, manage infrastructure challenges, and reduce dependency on fossil fuels, Government of India is looking to promote electric mobility in a big way. We work with auto-companies, government organizations and think tanks to assess possible risks, identify solutions and prepare roadmap for transition to electric mobility.



We provide research insights across- Current market trends, Market enablers, Opportunity assessment studies, Price Index, Policy & Regulatory advocacy and Project Databases


We provide Strategic consultancy, Market segmentation analysis, Customer analysis, Competition analysis, Marketing case studies, Investment advisory and CSR Advisory services

Data Analytics

Using data analytics tools such as Big Data and Tableau we help clients understand data and prepare actionable insights.

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solar storage

Solar+Battery Storage: Assessing the Viability in India

Date of release- January 2020

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rooftop storage

Corporate Renewable PPA market in India

Date of release- December 2019

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Monthly EV update

Date of release- December 2019

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Q3 2019 RE Update (July – September)

Date of release- November 2019

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Recycling of lithium-ion batteries in India- $1,000 million opportunity

Date of release- October 2019

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forecasting scheduling

Impact of Forecasting & Scheduling (F&S) regulations on RE generators

Impact of Forecasting & Scheduling (F&S) regulations on RE generators So far, 15 states have come up with their final Forecasting & Scheduling (F&S) regulations for RE generators. Most of the states have made it mandatory, for plants above 5 MW size, to have a forecasting mechanism in place. Some states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, and Gujarat have made it mandatory for plant sizes above 1 MW. In most of these states, there are no penalty charges for…

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KUSUM Scheme- Summary of Implementation guidelines

KUSUM Scheme- Summary of Implementation guidelines The scheme aims to add a solar capacity of 25,750 MW by 2022 with the total Central Financial Support of INR 34,422 crore. Component A: 10,000 MW of decentralized ground-mounted, grid-connected renewable power plants (500 kW- 2 MW) will be set up Role of DISCOMs: DISCOMs will sub-station wise surplus capacity and accordingly applications will be invited. In case, the aggregate capacity offered by Applicants is more than the bidding route will be followed and…

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rooftop storage

C&I segment holds about 22% share of total solar installations in India

C&I segment holds about 22% share of total solar installations in India Commercial and Industrial (C&I) segment holds about 70% of all rooftop solar installations (nearly 3 GW) in India while in the utility-scale solar market it has about 13% share (>3.5 GW) under third party sale/ Open access/ captive model. In total, as of March 31, 2019, C&I segment has about 6.5 GW of solar capacity installed which is nearly 22% of all solar installations[1]. Earlier, most third-party sale/…

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rooftop storage

Storage tenders of 169 MWh capacity issued in last one year in India

Storage tenders of 169 MWh capacity issued in last one year in India Government of India expects to achieve a renewable energy capacity target of 260 GW by 2024. To support this growing share of renewables in the country, according to CEA, we require at least 136 GWh of energy storage systems by 2030. However, the current commissioned capacity of solar energy storage is only about 10.75 MWh in India. In last one year, about 169 MWh of storage tenders with 246.7…

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JMK Research & Analytics is a boutique consultancy firm providing research and advisory services to Indian and International clients across three key focus areas – Renewables, Electric mobility and Battery storage market.

Based on our in-depth sector experience, strong industry network, we  provide key insights and detailed industry information which helps our clients develop successful business models and market strategies.

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