Monthly RE Update – July 2023

Monthly RE Update – July 2023


New RFS Issued

  • In July 2023, 16 new renewable energy (RE) tenders with a cumulative capacity of 7877 MW were issued.  
  • NTPC issued 3000 MW RE tenders across India.
  • About 579 MW of Solar tenders (Under KUSUM Scheme Component- C) were issued by Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (JDVVNL) in Rajasthan.
  • Storage tenders:
    • SECI invited bids for the supply of 2000 MW firm and dispatchable RE power in July 2023.

Fig 1.1: New RE tenders issued in July 2023

PBG: Performance Bank Guarantee

EMD: Earnest Money Deposit Source: JMK Research

Note: Hybrid tenders include wind solar hybrid, ESS and Pumped hydro storage tenders.

Table 1.1: RFS Issued

Tender NameTechnologyTender ScopeCapacity (MW)Other DetailsMinimum CUFCommissioning timeline from PPA signing (months)Bid Submission Date
NTPC, 1500 MW, Solar-Wind hybrid, Pan India, July 2023  Solar Wind HybridProject Development150030%*22nd-Aug-2023  
NTPC, 1500 MW, Solar (ISTS-I), Pan India, July 2023  Utility Scale SolarProject Development150021-22%*29th-Aug-2023  
SECI, 1500 MW, RE with ESS (FDRE-I), Pan India, July 2023RE with ESSProject Development1500EMD – [INR 1.1 million x Solar capacity (MW) + INR 1.4 million x Wind Capacity (MW) + INR 0.4 million x ESS Capacity (MWh)].
PBG – [INR 2.9 million x Solar capacity (MW) + INR 3.5 million x Wind capacity (MW) + INR 1.2 million x ESS Capacity (MWh)]
GUVNL, 600 MW, Solar (Phase XXI), Gujarat, July 2023Utility Scale SolarProject Development600EMD- INR 0.50 million/ MW/ project
PBG- INR 1 million/ MW/ project
JDVVNL, 579 MW, Solar (Under KUSUM scheme Component-C), Rajasthan, July 2023  Small Scale SolarProject Development579EMD – INR 0.1 million/MW
PBG – INR 0.5 million/MW
19%92nd-Aug-2023 to 5th-Sep-2023  
SECI, 500 MW, RE with ESS (FDRE_II), Pan India, July 2023RE with ESSProject Development500EMD – Solar – INR 1.16 million/MW, Wind – INR 1.39 million/MW, ESS – INR 0.48 million/MWh
PBG – Solar – INR 2.90 million/MW, Wind – INR 3.47 million/MW, ESS – INR 1.20 million/MWh
GUVNL, 500 MW, Wind (Phase VI), Pan India, July 2023  WindProject Development500EMD – INR 1 million/MW
PBG – INR 2 million/MW
SJVN, 360 MW, Solar (EPC), Gujarat, July 2023Utility Scale SolarEPC360EMD – For 100 MW – INR 36 million, For 260 MW – INR 96 million, For 360 MW – INR 133 million8th-Aug-2023 
NTPC, 200 MW, Pumped hydro storage, Pan India, July 2023  Pumped Hydro Storage  Project Development200EMD – 200 MW to 360 MW – INR 200 million , 370 MW to 720 MW – INR 50 million,   730 MW to 1440 MW – INR 1000 million,  1450 MW to 2000 MW – INR 2000 million16th-Aug-2023  
NHPC, 200 MW, Solar (EPC), Gujarat, July 2023  Utility Scale SolarEPC200EMD – INR 9.2 million/MW
PBG – 3% of the contract value
UPNEDA, 150 MW, Solar (EPC) (Under KUSUM scheme component-C), Uttar Pradesh, July 2023  Small Scale SolarEPC150EMD – INR 0.1 million/MW
PBG – INR 0.1 million/MW
PEDA, 100 MW, Floating Solar, Punjab, June 2023  Floating SolarProject Development10017%1828th-Jul-2023
RECPDCL, 100 MW, Wind, Pan India, July 2023WindProject Development100EMD – INR 1.33 million/MW
PBG – INR 1.99 million/MW  
REIL, 50 MW, Rooftop Solar, Pan India, July 2023Rooftop SolarRESCO5028th-Jul-2023
NTPC, 23.38 MW, Solar (O&M), Maharashtra, July 2023  Utility Scale SolarO&M23.38EMD – INR 2 million
PBG – 10% of the contracted amount
SECI, 15 MW, Rooftop Solar, Delhi, July 2023Rooftop SolarRESCO15EMD – INR 1 million/MW
PBG – INR 2.57 million/project
13.5%  922nd-Aug-2023

PBG: Performance Bank Guarantee

EMD: Earnest Money Deposit

Source: JMK Research

Firm and Dispatchable Renewable Energy

*Subject to issuance of tender documents

Other important announcements that were made during the month were:

Bucket No. Description
1.Electrolyser manufacturing capacity based on any stack technology Capacity offered-1200MW
2.Electrolyser manufacturing capacity based on indigenously developed stack technology Capacity offered-300MW
Bucket No. Description
1.Technology Agnostic Pathways Capacity offered-410,000 MT/annum of Green Hydrogen
2.Biomass Based Pathways Capacity offered-40,000 MT/annum of Green Hydrogen
  • NTPC Green Energy Limited invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from Indian/Global Company for forming a consortium with NTPC Green Energy Limited regarding the Development of Offshore Wind Projects in India. The last date for submission of EoI is 14th August 2023.

Date Extensions

Table 1.2: RFS Issued

Tender NameTechnologyTender ScopeCapacity (MW)Other DetailsMinimum CUFCommissioning timeline from PPA signing (months)Bid Submission Date
NTPC, 1500 MW (min) with 9000 MWh ESS, Pan India, Apr 2023Energy Storage SystemProject Development1500 MW with 9000 MWhr ESSEMD – INR 1.2 million/MW18th-Aug-2023
GUVNL, 700 MW, Solar Phase XI, Gujarat, Mar 2021Utility Scale SolarProject Development700EMD – INR 0.4 million/MW PBG-INR 0.9 million//MW17%1519th-Aug- 2023
GUVNL, 500 MW, RE with 250 MWh ESS Phase (XV), Gujarat, Jun 2022Utility Scale SolarProject Development500EMD – INR 1 million/MW PBG-INR 2.5 million/MWWind- 22% Sola-17% Hybrid-30%1818th-Aug- 2023
UHBVN, 500 MW, Solar, Haryana, Apr 2023Utility Scale SolarProject Development500EMD- INR 0.8 million/MW7th-Aug- 2023
NTPC, 310 MW, Solar, West Bengal, Feb 2023Utility Scale and Floating SolarProject Development310EMD – INR 50 million to INR 200 million18th-Aug-2023
Tata Power, 225 MW, Wind- Solar Hybrid, Pan India, June 2023Wind Solar HybridProject Development225EMD- INR 0.5
million/ MW/ project
PBG- INR 1 million/ MW/ project

Source: JMK Research

Auction Completed

About 2800 MW of RE tenders were auctioned in July 2023.

Figure 1.2: Winners in the latest RE auctions

Source: JMK Research

Table 1.3: Auction Completed

Tender NameTender ScopeCapacity Tendered (MW)Capacity Allotted (MW)CUFCommissioning timeline from PPA signing (months)Winner Details
SECI, 2000 MW, Solar ISTS XI, Pan India, Mar 2023  Project Development2000200017%18Eden renewable -300 MW (INR 2.6/kWh)SAEL-600 MW (INR 2.6/kWh)Jakson-200 MW (INR 2.6/kWh)Shiva Corporation -100 MW (INR 2.6/kWh)ReNew-600 MW (INR 2.6/kWh)Avaada-200 MW (INR 2.61/kWh)
GUVNL, 800 MW, Solar (Phase XX), Gujarat, May 2023Project Development80080017%18KPI Green Energy – 100 MW (2.70/kWh)SAEL – 400 MW (2.71/kWh)NLC India – 300 MW (2.71/kWh)
CIL, 35 MW, Solar (EPC), West Bengal, Jan 2023EPC3535Shreeji Infrastructure Limited – 35 MW
CNUL, Coal India, 25 MW, Solar (EPC), West Bengal May 2022EPC252523.18%12 monthsSvaryu Energy – 25 MW

Source: JMK Research

Installed Capacity

In June 2023, a combined total of 2850 MW of solar and wind capacity was added, taking the cumulative RE capacity to 129.6 GW.

Figure 2.1: RE installations in June 2023

Source: MNRE, JMK Research
Note: Solar includes utility scale solar, rooftop solar and off grid/distributed solar segments

State wise solar and wind installed capacity in June 2023

In June 2023, Rajasthan installed the maximum solar capacity of 664 MW followed by Karnataka (567 MW), Gujarat (453 MW), Madhya Pradesh (181 MW) and Maharashtra (145 MW). Whereas Gujarat added the maximum wind capacity of 484 MW in the country followed by Maharashtra (54 MW) in June 2023.

Figure 2.2: State wise solar and wind installed capacity in June 2023

Source: MNRE, JMK Research

Recently Commissioned RE projects

Table 2.1: List of key projects recently commissioned in July 2023

DeveloperTechnologyTender NameCapacity (MW)  ConsumerTariffState
UPC Renewables  SolarSECI 1200 MW Solar ISTS Tranche VI Pan India June 201987.52.71Madhya Pradesh
Fourth Partner energy  Solar open access  26Ashok Iron GroupKarnataka
Renew Power  Wind- Solar Hybrid45.8Meghmani FinechemGujarat
70Toyota Kirloskar Motor- 27.2 MW Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores- 43 MW
CleanMax Solar  Wind-Solar Hybrid400Hero MotoCorp, Hindalco Industries, Larsen & Toubro, and MG MotorGujarat
Torrent Power  WindSECI Pan India 1,200 MW V, Sep-2018  115Captive2.76Gujarat
Fourth Power    Wind-solar hybrid70Filatex, Linde, Nexus Malls (a Blackstone Group company), and Deccan Chemicals  Gujarat
Azure Power SolarAPDCL 100 MW Solar Assam May 2018  253.35Assam

Source: Industry news articles, JMK Research

Other key announcements that were made during the month were:

  • KPI Green energy has received an order for the development of Captive solar power plant with a total capacity of 7.70 MW. Out of the total capacity, 6.70 MW has been allocated to the KPI Green Energy and the remaining 1 MW has been assigned to the Sun Drops Energia Pvt Ltd which is a subsidiary of KPI Green Energy Ltd.
  • Serentica Renewables has signed a contract with Greenko for a standalone energy storage capacity offtake contract. As per this contract, Serentica will leverage Greenko’s unique energy storage capabilities to use a cumulative capacity of 1500 MWh from its upcoming energy storage projects in Andhra Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh.
  • Bright Night, which recently secured commitment of $250 million from ACEN to execute 1.2 GW of renewable energy projects in India, will mobilize more funding in the second round to expand capacity to 2 GW across Indian states. The company’s recent partnership with AC Energy (ACEN) and capital commitment from them is enough for executing 1 to 1.2 GW capacity from their initial pipeline projects. After that the company will raise additional capital either from existing shareholders or new investors.
  • Fourth Partner Energy will be supplying power to agrochemical pesticide manufacturer Best Agrolife Ltd. (BAL), from its 15 MW solar park in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The two firms have entered into a partnership, as per which BAL will be provided of 3 MW solar energy from the said plant.
  • Suzlon Group has bagged an order for a 47.6 MW wind power project from KP Group in Bharuch, Gujarat. However, the company did not disclose the value of the order.The project is expected to be commissioned in 2024.Suzlon will supply their S133 wind turbines (equipment supply) and supervise execution and commissioning of the project.
  • The company will also install 48 wind turbine generators (WTGs) of their S120 – 2.1 MW t Velliyanani Phase II in Karur district and Vengaimandalam in Trichy in Tamil Nadu. The project is expected to commission in March 2024.The Power generated from this project will target the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) consumer segment.
  • Gensol Engineering Limited secures INR 277 crore orders for solar power projects in the first quarter of fiscal year 2023-24. These projects are slated to be implemented across various states such as Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. Notably, the majority of these projects, accounting for over 95% of the total, will be concentrated in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra.
  • South Eastern Coalfields with an investment of more than INR 1000 crores plans to set up 600 MW rooftop and ground-mounted solar projects across various districts of Chhattisgarh. Few projects would be implemented in RESCO (Renewable Energy Service Company) or build-own-operate mode. The major projects of 40 MW are currently under development in Bhatgaon and Bishrampur in Chhattisgarh’s aims to install 3 GW by 2026 to achieve net-zero status.
  • SJVN Ltd has received a Letter of Intent (LOI) from Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd (PSPCL) for the development and procurement of 1,200 MW of solar power entailing an investment of INR 7,000 crore.

Monthly RE Generation

In July 2023, Renewable energy sources generated 20545 MU, which is 11.2% higher than the RE generation in June 2023. Solar generation decreased by 3.9% while wind generation increased by around 22.2% on month-on-month basis, in July 2023.

Figure 3.1: Source-wise Renewable Energy Generation (MU) – India

Source: CEA, JMK Research

Investments/ Deals

In July 2023, about $414 million was invested in the RE sector in India. The key investments during the month were:

  • Adani receives investments worth $394 million for development of solar module manufacturing facility. ANIL aims to establish a comprehensive ecosystem for green hydrogen, incorporating solar module and wind turbine manufacturing. The primary goal is to produce up to 3 million tonnes per annum of green hydrogen.
  • Non-banking financial company Clix Capital has signed a $20 million loan from Global Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF). The funding would be made to MSMEs, such as suppliers of solar power manufacturers or those engaged in waste management working towards the reduction of carbon emission.

Table 4.1: Investment and deals in July 2023

Company NameDeal Type  SectorInvestorDeal Value
Adani New Industries LimitedDebtSolar Module ManufacturingBarclays and Deutsche Bank AG$394 million
Clix CapitalDebtRenewable EnergyGlobal Climate Partnership Fund (GCPF)$20 million

Source: Industry news articles, JMK Research

Other important announcements that were made during the month were:

  • Adani raised a total worth of $1.38 billion (INR 11,330 crore) from the stake sale in three companies which include Adani Enterprises Ltd, Adani Green Energy Ltd, and Adani Transmission Ltd. The total capital worth of $9 billion was raised over the four years.
  • Adani is also returning to the loan market to potentially raise more than $1 billion. The Indian group is in talks with Barclays Plc, Deutsche Bank AG and Standard Chartered Plc to borrow between $600 million and $750 million to refinance the debt.
  • India is likely to borrow about INR 20,000-22,000 crore through sovereign green bonds in this financial year, higher than the INR 16,000 crore in 2022-23. About half of the green bond proceeds are expected to be deployed in railways in this fiscal, followed by projects in new and renewable energy (32%), housing and urban affairs (15%), environment and climate change (1%) and others. A final announcement on the exact borrowing size and calendar will be declared in September 2023.
  • Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) to raise up to $2.2 billion through a rights issue of shares. Indian government had kicked off its plan to fund energy transition projects of three big state refiners which include IOC, Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd (BPCL), and Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd (HPCL) in exchange for equity. The three refiners plan to invest 3.5-4 trillion rupees to achieve net zero emissions goals by 2040.
  • Oriana Power is planning to initiate its Initial Public Offering (IPO) for subscription by the first week of August to raise up to INR 60 crore ($7.3 million). The company will use the proceeds for working capital, RESCO mode capital expenditure, and technology upgradation requirements. Oriana Power has filed draft papers for its proposed IPO with NSE Emerge and has successfully closed its pre-IPO round with the participation of reputed capital market investors.
  • NHPC Limited plans to take its clean energy subsidiary NHPC Renewable Energy Ltd. (NREL) public or sell its stake to strategic investors through private placements in two-three years. The hydropower major is looking to add solar capacity, and once the projects in the pipeline are commissioned, they will be moved to NREL

GTAM Traded Volume

The IEX traded a total of 57.58 MUs in GTAM in July 2023, which is 13.7% lower than the volume traded in June 2023. The average trade price in IEX-GTAM for July 2023 was INR 4.68/kWh. This is about 19.2% higher than the previous month’s price.

Figure 5.1: GTAM Traded volume and Price Trend

Source: IEX, JMK Research

Key Market Updates

Solar Manufacturing

US- India partners on Solar PV manufacturing in India by First Solar

The US and India will endeavour to develop a first-of-its-kind, multi-billion-dollar investment platform aimed at providing catalytic capital and de risking support for such projects. First Solar is going to manufacture Solar Panels in India as discussed in India-US Strategic Clean Energy Partnership meet.

Insolation Energy plans a 600 MW solar cell manufacturing facility in Rajasthan

Isolation Energy Ltd is setting up a 600 MW PV cell production facility in Rajasthan and the new module and cell facilities are to start production by the end of FY 2024-25. It is also expanding its PV module production capacity to 1.2 GW with the addition of a new 500 MW line. Currently, Insolation Energy Ltd has a cumulative module manufacturing capacity of 700 MW from its two factories of 200 MW and 500 MW, respectively.


JSW Energy targets 40 GWh/5 GW of storage capacity by 2030

JSW Energy aims to reach 20 GW power generation, along with 40 GWh/5 GW of storage capacity by 2030.The company is also working towards achieving a solar module manufacturing capacity of 1 GW per year and a green hydrogen production capacity of 3,800 tonnes per annum by 2025.

NHPC plans 1.76-tn pumped storage units

NHPC Ltd is set to invest INR 1.40-1.76 trillion pumped hydro storage to establish pumped hydropower storage capacities of 20,000-22,000 MW across India over the next few years with a capex requirement of INR 7-8 crore for each MW. The company is planning to set up large pumped hydro projects and have already signed MoUs with Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. These projects may take two years to take off.

Green Hydrogen

India’s first Green Hydrogen Station going to start in 3 months

NTPC is going to operate the first Hydrogen fuelling station in Ladakh ahead the schedule. The project will generate 80 kg per day of 99.99% of pure hydrogen that will be compressed, stored, and dispensed. The production will be based on water-electrolysis using Renewable Energy sources at an altitude of 3600 meters. NTPC REL is also setting up a 1.25 MW solar power plant to make the fuelling station completely green.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) to translate 50% of its refineries hydrogen use to green by 2050

India’s largest fuel retailer IOC planning to green 50% of its total hydrogen, that is to be consumed by refiners by 2030. It should be converted from gray to green which amounts to 700,000 metric tonnes per annum by 2030 which comprises 350,000 mtpa will be converted to green for IOC refineries.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. setting up 370 tonne per annum green hydrogen plant in Andhra Pradesh

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.(HPCL) is setting up an Electrolyser based Green Hydrogen production plant of capacity 370 tpa at its Visakhapatnam Refinery based in Andhra Pradesh. HPCL has received a fund of INR 33 crores for the project.

Green H2 electrolysis starts 1 GW PEM electrolyser manufacturing plant

H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies of Spain and GR Group from India start a joint venture for 1GW Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyser manufacturing. The project will commence operations with an initial capacity of 100 MW. In the next stage, the capacity will ramp up to 500 MW in the same premises.

Other Market Updates

World Bank approves $1.5 billion for the development of low-carbon energy

The world bank has approved the $ 1.5 billion in financing will help India to scale up RE energy, development of Green Hydrogen and low-carbon energy investments. This program will support the successful implementation of the National Green Hydrogen Mission which aims to stimulate $100 million in private-sector investments by 2030 and also will help India reach its goal of 500 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. This program will support policies for a national carbon credit trading scheme to launch a national carbon market is essential to provide a level playing field between low carbon energy and fossil fuels.

India’s RE energy installation capacity has reached 129.6 GW till Jun 2023

In a span of 6 months, solar installation capacity fell by 19% and wind rises by 166%. Solar energy contributes approximately 54% share while wind energy holds 34% of the total RE segment, an increase of 3 percentage points (from 51%) in solar share while a decrease of 1.7% in wind share is observed in the last 12 months. In H1 2023, around 2,294 MW of rooftop solar capacity is added, which is higher than the entire installations in this segment in CY2022.

NLC India Plan to setup a new solar energy business with a worth of INR 24,000 crore

NLC India planning to set up a step-down subsidiary to operate its new-age renewable energy business which includes battery storage. The company would invest INR 24,000 crore in its solar power projects till 2030 to diversify operations and the company has installed 1.42 GW of solar capacity with a capex cost of INR 6000 crore.

MNRE reported commissioning of 11 out of 50 projects

The ministry has commissioned 11 projects of capacity 8.51 GW till now and targets to set up 50 solar parks with a total cumulative capacity of 37.99 GW.

Comparing on m-o-m basis, price for global mono PERC modules have decreased by 8% in July 2023.

Solar Modules Price trends

Source: PVInfoLink, JMK Research

JMK Research carried out price survey from domestic suppliers for July 2023 and as per the responses received, the all-inclusive domestic module prices till project site (including freight charges, GST etc) for various categories are:

  • The price of mono PERC 500 Wp modules was INR 25.5/Wp, which is around 3% less than the previous month’s price.
  • The July price for Polycrystalline 330 Wp modules was INR 23/Wp, down by 4.2% as compared to the price of modules in June.
  • The price for Bifacial modules was INR 27/Wp in July, which is around 5.3% less than the previous month’s price.

Figure Average Prices for Domestic Modules

Source: JMK Research

Note: Domestic module prices are all inclusive prices till project site including freight charges, GST, etc

Policies and Regulations


Policy NameIssuing AgencyDate of Issue
MNRE grants provisional enlistment of additional solar PV module models of Emmvee Photovoltaic and Bluebird Solar in ALMM List-IMNRE26th– July- 2023
HPX gets approval for introducing HP-TAM, HP-DAM, Hp contingencyCERC24th– July- 2023
MoP issues Electricity Amendment Rules 2023MoP5th – July- 2023
JERC extends the applicability of Renewable Energy Tariff RegulationJERC3rd-July-2023
MoP issues guidelines for Tariff Based Competitive Bidding Process for Procurement Power from Grid Connected Wind Power ProjectsMoP1st-July- 2023
Central Electricity Authority (CEA) released new norms for forecasting power demandCEA1st-July- 2023
CEA issues an order for a revised methodology for  the calculation of AT&C lossesMoP30th– June- 2023
CEA issues the guidelines for Resource Adequacy Planning Framework for the power sectorCEA28th– June- 2023
MNRE issues the guidelines for an incentive scheme for Green Hydrogen ProductionMNRE28th– June- 2023
MoP issues the draft amendment of Electricity rules,2023MoP28th– June- 2023
MoP finalized Carbon Credit Scheme,2023MoP28th-June-2023
CEA proposes reconductoring to align with changing demand and generation scenariosCEA27th– June- 2023
MNRE issues allocation of physical targets for setting up small biogas plants under Biogas Program during FY 2023-24 (Phase II)MNRE26th– June- 2023
MoEFCC issued a draft notification for Green Credit ProgrammeMoEFCC26th– June- 2023
CERC grants additional time to HPX to meet minimum net worth normCERC16th– June- 2023
Indian government drafted a R&D roadmap for green hydrogen Ecosystem in IndiaMNRE1st-July 2023


Policy NameIssuing AgencyDate of Issue
CSERC issues (Grid Interactive Distributed Renewable Energy Sources) (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2023CSERC25th– July- 2023
Chhattisgarh offers standard operating procedures (Sops) for Grid connected solar distributed renewable energy (DRE) unitsCSERC25th– July- 2023
OERC issued a discussion paper on determination of generic tariffs for renewable projects for FY 2024-26OERC20th– July- 2023
KSERC adopts tariff of INR 3.50 per unit under Component A of PM KUSUM scheme in the stateKSERC13th– July- 2023
MERC extended the SCOD of 300 MW solar project of ACME to 19th April 2022MERC07th– July- 2023
Tamil Nadu Electricity regulatory commission (TSERC) issued the Revised Tariff order (FY 2023-24)TSERC30th-June-2023
TERC approved net metering up to 85% of Transformer capacity for consumersTERC   23rd– June- 2023
Andhra Pradesh Issues Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia Policy 2023APERC20th– June- 2023
Assam government to provide duty exemption on electricity generated from renewable sourcesAssam15th- June- 2023
Himachal Pradesh regulatory commission allowed State Discom to barter its Hydro Power with wind PowerHPRC13th- June- 2023
GERC issues the draft green open access regulation 2023GERC1st-July 2023
Punjab State electricity regulatory commission (PSERC) issues detailed procedure for banking of power and model banking agreementPSERC1st-July 2023
APERC issues the Draft regulation on Net/Gross metering Regulations, 2023APERC1st-July 2023
APERC issues order for the levelized tariff for wind power projectAPERC1st-July 2023
OERC issues draft RPO Regulations, 2023 OERC1st-July 2023


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