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Renewable sources are expected to help meet 40% of India’s power needs by 2030. We help companies, investors, international lenders and governments to identify new opportunities, assess market risks and prepare plans for long-term growth in this sector.

Electric mobility

To overcome air pollution, manage infrastructure challenges, and reduce dependency on fossil fuels, Government of India is looking to promote electric mobility in a big way. We work with auto-companies, government organizations and think tanks to assess possible risks, identify solutions and prepare roadmap for transition to electric mobility.


Market Research and Advisory

We provide Strategic consultancy, Market segmentation analysis, Customer analysis, Pricing strategy, Marketing case studies, Competition Benchmarking, Policy & Regulatory advocacy, Opportunity assessment studies, and Investment advisory to Indian and International clients.


We provide annual market intelligence subscription services for RE and EV sector as part of which access is given to an online portal of projects, tenders, sales, prices, policies, and regulations across the Indian market. Click to enquire

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India’s Renewable Energy Open Access Market: Trends and Outlook

Date of release- Aug 2022

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Annual India Solar Report Card: FY2022

Date of release- July 2022

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Evolution of Grid-Scale Energy Storage System Tenders in India

Date of release- July 2022

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Indian Residential Rooftops: A Vast Trove of Solar Energy Potential

Date of release- Oct 2022

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Photovoltaic Manufacturing Outlook in India

Date of release- Feb 2022

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Solar Tariffs to Rise by ~21% in the Next 12 Months in India

Date of release- May 2022

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Electric Two Wheeler India Market Report

Date of release- Nov 2022

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monthly renewable

Monthly India RE update (solar, wind)

Date of Release- Monthly

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Next wave of growth in the renewable sector to be fueled by UMREPPs

Next wave of growth in the renewable sector to be fueled by UMREPPs In December 2014, MNRE rolled out its scheme for “Development of Solar Parks and Ultra-Mega Solar Power Projects” with an objective to facilitate the solar project developers to set up projects in a plug and play model. The scheme proposed to set up at least 25 solar parks and ultra mega solar power projects across various locations. India houses multiple ultra-mega solar parks with a capacity of…

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Webinar Insights: Electric Two Wheeler India Market Outlook post COVID-19

Webinar Insights: Electric Two Wheeler India Market Outlook post COVID-19 As the economy strives to revive itself from the disruption caused by the COVID-induced lockdown, a myriad of entities across the socio-economic spectrum foresee an uncertain future. Yet, there are some like e-mobility which is not only accelerating the wheels of sustainable development, but is also paving new tracks of opportunities in the market. Electric 2-wheeler is the front runner in advancing sustainability for road transport and it is highly…

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EV Central Policy: Tracing key milestones

EV Central Policy: Tracing key milestones The growth engine of the electric vehicle market would be fuelled by various drivers, of which strong governmental push and affordability would play key roles. NITI Aayog is targeting 30% EV penetration in India by 2030. To make EV adoption easier for manufacturers and consumers, the Government of India has taken some keys steps in the last few years. Source: JMK Research NEMMP 2020 In 2013, the Government of India launched NEMMP 2020, intending…

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Electric 2-Wheelers to clock sales of 34 lakh units by 2025

Electric 2-Wheelers to clock sales of 34 lakh units by 2025: JMK Research Since FY2016, the Indian electric two-wheeler market has grown at a CAGR of 62%. The FY2020 sales of electric two-wheelers stood at 152,000 units, which is a marginal increase of 20% over the previous year. This YOY growth for FY2020 is quite low when compared to the last two years annual growth rates, which were more than 100%. Such sudden de-growth of a sector that carries huge…

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JMK Research & Analytics is a specialist consultancy firm providing research and advisory services to Indian and International clients across solar, wind and e-mobility segments.

Based on our in-depth sector experience, strong industry network, we provide key insights and detailed industry information which helps clients develop successful business models and market strategies.

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