Solar+Battery storage: Assessing the Viability in India

Solar+Battery storage: Assessing the Viability in India

The report analyzes the current cost dynamics of battery storage systems in India. Detailed analysis of technical and financial parameters of the Solar+storage system for three different scenarios for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) segments were analyzed to assess the economic viability of solar+battery storage systems across key states.

The report also gives a glimpse of the need for energy storage in India, the government initiatives promoting energy storage, storage tender activity, challenges faced in the adoption of solar with storage, way forward, among other things.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. The Power of Synergy: Solar+Energy Storage
    3. Key Growth Drivers For Solar+Storage Systems
    4. Challenges in Adopting Storage with Solar
    5. Government Initiatives
    6. Storage Tenders
    7. Key Players
    8. Project Economics: Solar+Storage
      • Case A: Grid-connected 25 MW (AC) Solar with 10 MW / 4-hour battery back-up
      • Case B: Decentralized/ Off-grid 10 MW (AC) Solar with 2 MW/10-hour battery back-up
      • Case C: 1 MW rooftop solar system with 250 kW/4-hour back-up battery storage
    9. Way Forward


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