C&I RE Sector Case Study

C&I RE Sector Case Study

Project Owner – Solara Active Pharma Sciences
Project Developer – Fourth Partner Energy Limited (FPEL)

With the growth of Renewable Energy (RE) in the past decade, several C&I entities have endeavored to shift their electricity consumption from brown conventional power to green RE based power. This shift facilitates significant savings on electricity costs and drives down net carbon emissions, in line with several of the large-scale C&I entities sustainability targets. Hence, through this case study, we have analyzed the RE adoption efforts of Solara Active Pharma Sciences, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in India.

As of October 2023, Solara Active Pharma has installed a RE capacity of around 19 MW. RE solutions employed by Solara Active Pharma include off-site solar (6.3 MW), on-site solar (1 MW), wind (10.5 MW) and hydropower (1.2 MW). For some of its manufacturing plants, Solara also procures RE power through short-term bilateral contracts to meet its immediate energy requirements. Solara Active Pharma aims to increase the share of RE in its electricity consumption from 36% in FY2023 to around 50% by FY2025.

The case study highlights in detail the current RE portfolio of Solara Active Pharma and RE penetration and associated electricity cost savings at each of the Solara Active Pharma manufacturing facilities spread across India. Four specific Solara Pharma plants across Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Puducherry (UT) have been further analyzed to understand their associated electricity requirements and RE plants installed at these premises. These solar plants have been installed and commissioned by Fourth Partner Energy Ltd.

Table of Contents

  1. About Solara Active Pharma
  2. About Fourth Partner Energy
  3. Pharmaceutical industry in India
  4. Solara Active Pharma sustainability initiatives
  5. Electricity consumption mix of Solara Active Pharma
  6. RE capacity at Solara Active Pharma manufacturing facilities
  7. RE consumption across different sites
  8. State-wise analysis and challenges faced by Solara.
  9. PPA arrangements of Solara Active Pharma
  10. Project configuration (FPEL Solara Pharma Plants)
  11. Outlook

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